Juug is ALL IN when it comes to quality. We believe in one vision to produce the highest standard of cannabis and cannabis products that everyone can enjoy. It all begins with the flower, always indoor grown, always consistent and fully tested.



25%-33% THC LEVEL

Blue Skittlez, a fun and smooth energizing all day high. Tasty with a sweet aroma, this sativa dominant strain can leave you with feelings of uplifting sensations that take over immediately and can easily be used for functional focus or creativity. It generates a cerebral and happy buzz mood without putting you to sleep. Commonly used for stress and depression.


26%-34% THC LEVEL

Our staple strain the true definition of dank, originally from California but known for its distinct aroma and strong effects. It can heal in multiple facets, Juug OG induces a deep sense of calm that brings relief to those suffering from pain, nausea and stress.


25%-32% THC LEVEL

One of our top strains, Wedding Cookies launches you into euphoria where full-body relaxation meets time bending cerebral space. Sweet and potent, uplift your mind while relaxing the body. Great for stress, nausea, pain and appetite loss.